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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Secret of the White Rose

TITLE:  Secret of the White Rose
AUTHOR: Stefanie Pintoff

The third historical mystery featuring Det. Simon Ziele is better than the second, making better use of the 1906 New York City setting by tying the anarchist activity of that time into the plot. A judge presiding over the trial of an anarchist, whose bomb killed a child among other victims, is found brutally murdered in his home. Criminology professor Alistair Sinclair, a friend of the judge since they were classmates at Harvard Law School, calls on Simon, now reinstated with the NYPD, to find the killer, despite the case being outside Ziele's jurisdiction. While Ziele risks his career to help, he is increasingly aware that Alistair is keeping secrets from him, while he also must contend with the brother of his deceased fiancee, a young man involved with the anarchists. That both Simon and Alistair have something personal at stake gives the story a bit more tension than the previous book had. I figured out some of the mystery, but not all, and found this a fast, compelling read. 

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