"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested." (Francis Bacon)

Review Policies

If you wish for me to review your book or your client's book, please take the following into consideration.

  • I don't read digital files except for those I can read on my Kindle, text only, which means no graphic novels or other books with illustrations. I read on my phone, so the screen is small.
  • My preference is for books already on my extensive To Read list, which I accumulate by going through Publishers Weekly, including the announcement issues.
  • My main genre interests are Science Fiction, Literary Mystery (standalones preferred), Historical Fiction (not Victorian!) with a preference for times and places I don't know or read much about (I like experiencing new things in books), and the occasional Fantasy. Please, nothing that can be considered ChickLit and no anatomy of a marriage sort of fiction. Also, no non-fiction. 
  • I am way behind in my reading. Always. If it's something that catches my attention, I might get to it in a month or so, usually longer, though the time depends on what I'm currently reading. I'm a slow reader. I like taking my time with the books I read. The shorter the book, the faster I can get to it and read it. And of course, you'll have to allow for time to mail it to me.
  • If I like it, I'll happily post a positive review. If I don't, I'll post either a negative review or no review, your choice, but you'll have to let me know beforehand which option you prefer should I not like it. I will not let you see my review beforehand. 

Should this be acceptable, email me at shelly.s(at)gmail.com

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