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Friday, November 11, 2005

Rain Storm

Title: Rain Storm
Author: Barry Eisler

Another adventure starring that king of assassins John Rain. Rain has been hired by the CIA to eliminate an arms dealer, via his usual "natural causes" MO. But nothing ever goes as planned on CIA jobs and in Barry Eisler's books, so complications abound. A mysterious woman, an attempt on Rain's life, the appearance of an old war buddy who seems to also be working for the Company, and a target who seems well aware that he's been targeted all force Rain to reassess and switch tactics.

More important, Rain starts to question his own feelings and shows signs of developing, if not a conscience, than a level of self-awareness not previously on display. He's come to care about people despite his best efforts not to, though that fact doesn't alter his behavior. He continues to be a fascinating character, one whose development feels real.

And the Acknowledgments, full of specifics, are nearly as informative as the explicit descriptions in the narrative that have informed all Eisler's Rain books thus far. I can't wait til the latest, Killing Rain, is available in paperback. This is one series that has wormed its way into my heart.

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