"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested." (Francis Bacon)

Monday, January 03, 2005

A Book Meme

Because I don't read fast enough to be able to post reviews all that often here, I decided to do book memes here so anyone reading won't get bored.

I found this on Catalogue Blog.

Copy this list of ten authors, then replace any authors not in your bookcases with authors who are. Replacements in bold.
1. Charlotte Bronte
2. Isaac Asimov
3. Arthur C. Clarke
4. Agatha Christie
5. Ian Flemming
6. Ann Tyler
7. Charles Dickens
8. Robert Ludlum
9. Margaret Atwood
10. William Shakespeare

Uh, I had to swap out all but 3. Sigh. Choosing the replacements wasn't easy. I had so many to choose from. So I went for a variety, but aimed for people whose books are considered classics in their genre. :)


  1. I would have to replace all but three too! But, who came up with that list!

  2. I don't know where the list originated, but I did trace it back 2 or 3 blogs. :)

  3. Here's my revised list:
    1. Jane Austen
    2. Jorge Luis Borges
    3. Thomas Hardy
    4. Alice Hoffmann
    5. Ruth Rendell
    6. Annie Proulx
    7. Charles Dickens
    8. Michel Foucault
    9. George Eliot
    10. William Shakespeare

    I prefer my list. But I'd like to see others' replacements.

  4. Nice eclectic list, Dave. :)